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School living willow workshop - 75 children build a dome!

St Pauls School willow1

We have just completed the first stage of a four-year living willow project for St. Pauls C. of E. Junior School in Shepton Mallet. Each spring, the Year 3 children will spend a day creating a living willow structure which they will then care for during their time at the School.

We had a great day, with 75 Year 3 children taking part in building a large dome - we built the framework, and they planted the diagonal willow, wove it and tied it in. The children also made some small willow objects, such as hearts and dreamcatchers (it didn't take them long to work out that willow is great for making bows and arrows!).

St Pauls School willow3  St Pauls School willow5  St Pauls School willow4

We also constructed a large arched tunnel to form the entrance to the School's vegetable garden, with the help of some of the staff. Later in the year I will be showing the staff and children how to weave in the new growth and care for the structures.

St Pauls School willow2

Once the whole project is completed it will comprise three large play domes, two archways and a perimeter 'fedge' - it's going to be fun working with the School and seeing it all take shape over time.

The willow for this project was grown in the South West by Windrush Willow.

If you would like to discuss a living willow project for your School or organisation, we would love to hear from you.

~ Claire

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Posted 11 February 2016


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